The story of 15 first business cards of world’s biggest tech legends.

Tech has changed how business is done seamlessly and working from home has proved more productive. However, a business card is still considered a major part of an organization’s brand.

There are many fascinating and innovative designs out there in the market. Let’s look at the catalogue of business cards we collected from tech giants like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos during the initial startup phase of the company.

1. Bill Gates

Bill Gates business card, bill gates first business card

Bill Gates is an American business investor and the principal founder of Microsoft. He is one of the best-known entrepreneurs in the computer revolution and by extension one of the wealthiest individuals in the world.

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Also, this year in April Microsoft marked its 46th anniversary. The tech giant was instrumental in revolutionising home computers (PC) with its easy-to-use and groundbreaking operating system was founded on April 4, 1975, by Bill Gates and Paul Allen.

2. Paul G Allen

paul g allen, paul g allen school of computer science, paul g. allen

Paul Allen, in full Paul Gardner Allen, is an American investor and philanthropist best known as the co-founder of Microsoft Corporation, a leading developer of personal-computer software systems and applications.

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3. Jeff Bezos

jeff bezos business card

World’s richest man Jeff Bezos founded e-commerce giant Amazon in 1994 out of his garage in Seattle. Working out of his garage with a handful of employees, Bezos began developing the software for the site.

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Named after the South American river, Amazon sold its first book in July 1995. After that Amazon quickly became the leader in e-commerce. In July 5, 2021, Jeff Bezos stepped down as CEO to become executive chairman.

4. Larry Page

larry page business card

Larry Page, byname of Lawrence Edward Page, is an American computer scientist and entrepreneur who, with Sergey Brin, created the online search engine Google, one of the most popular sites on the Internet.

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5. Steve Wozniak

steve wozniak business card, business card steve wozniak

Steve Wozniak is an electronics engineer, cofounder, with Steve Jobs, of Apple Computer, and designer of the first commercially successful personal computer.

6. Steve Jobs

steve jobs business card

Steven Paul Jobs popularly is known as Steve Jobs cofounder of Apple Computer, Inc. (now Apple Inc.), and a charismatic pioneer of the personal computer era. In 1976, when Jobs was just 21, he and Wozniak started Apple Computer in the Jobs’ family garage.

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Jobs and Wozniak are credited with revolutionizing the computer industry with Apple by democratizing the technology and making machines smaller, cheaper, intuitive and accessible to everyday consumers.

7. Tim Berners-Lee

tim berners lee business card

Tim Berners-Lee computer scientist, generally credited as the inventor of the World Wide Web. In 1994 in the United States Lee established the World Wide Web (W3) Consortium at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Laboratory for Computer Science.

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In 2004 he was awarded a knighthood by Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom and the inaugural Millennium Technology Prize by the Finnish Technology Award Foundation.

8. Michael Dell

michael dell business card

Michael Dell is known as the founder and CEO of Dell Inc., one of the world’s leading sellers of personal computers (PCs). In 2016 he became CEO of the newly-formed parent company, Dell Technologies.

9. Mitchell Baker

mitchell baker

Mitchell Baker is the Executive Chairwoman and CEO of the Mozilla Foundation and of Mozilla Corporation, a subsidiary of the Mozilla Foundation that coordinates the development of the open-source Mozilla Internet applications, including the Mozilla Firefox web browser.

10. Meg Whitman

meg whitman

Meg Whitman is an American business executive and politician who served as president and CEO of eBay (1998–2008) and later of the technology company Hewlett Packard (2011–15).  she served as CEO of Hewlett Packard Enterprise (2015–18).

11. Kevin Mitnick

kevin mitnick, kevin mitnick business card

The first hacker to make the “most wanted list” of the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). He allegedly broke into the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) computer in 1981, when he was 17 years old.

He is best known for his high-profile 1995 arrest and five years in prison for various computer and communications-related crimes.

12. John Donahoe

john donahoe

John Donahoe is an American businessman who is the CEO of Nike. Early in his career he worked for Bain & Company, becoming the firm’s president and CEO in 1999.

In March 2005 he was hired as president of eBay Marketplaces. His role was to focus on eBay’s core business, which accounts for a large percentage of the company’s revenues. In 2008, He was appointed CEO of eBay.

13. Evan Williams

evan williams

Evan Williams is an American computer programmer who with Jack Dorsey and Biz Stone founded a social networking service Twitter. Williams was initially chairman of the board of Twitter, but he moved to the role of CEO in late 2008. In 2010 he stepped down as CEO to concentrate on product strategy and in 2019 he gave up his seat on the board.

14. Eric Schmidt

eric schmidt google

Eric Schmidt, in full Eric Emerson Schmidt, an American information technology executive who served (2001–11) as chairman and CEO of Google Inc.

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Google, already the proprietor of a successful search engine, introduced many new products and services during Schmidt’s tenure, notably Google News (2002), Blogger (2003), Google Books (2004), Gmail (2004), Google Earth (2005), and Google Maps (2005). Google acquired the YouTube video sharing site in 2006 and the advertising company DoubleClick the following year. In 2008 Google challenged Microsoft with the Chrome Web browser and Apple with the Android mobile operating system.

15. Jerry Yang

Jerry Yang

Jerry Yang the Taiwanese-born American internet mogul is most famed as the founder of the Yahoo! navigational guide and the co-founder and the former Chief Executive Officer of Yahoo! Inc.

Yang graduated from Stanford University with a bachelor and master degree in electrical engineering. During his time at Stanford, Yang created a website with David Filo, called “Jerry and Dave’s Guide to the World Wide Web” that was later renamed ‘Yahoo!’

16. Mark Zuckerberg

mark zuckerberg business card, mark zuckerberg first business card

The father of the largest social network on the planet, Mark Zuckerberg is an American computer programmer who was cofounder and CEO of Facebook. In the process of leading Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg surely has caused a lot of controversies and received a lot of negative reactions.

[Mark Zuckerberg Uses WhatsApp Rival ‘Signal’ App, Facebook Data Leak Reveals]

However, one thing is undeniable that his efforts to bringing the world closer together have been truly unprecedented, while also creating a platform for artists to showcase their talent to the world.

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