30 Breathtaking Photographs by Steve Irwin’s 18 year old son

Irwin was a TV personality who hosted the ABC documentary “The Great Barrier Reef” in the late 1990s; his grandson Robert was also a celebrity. It is believed that Steve Irwin is the father of two children, one of which is his son Robert. Steve Irwin and his wife Terri were the grandson of natural scientist Robert Irwin.

Robert loves animals and is very keen to protect them. His father was very interested in wild animals too. Robert is very passionate about animals and loves to take pictures of them.

Robert had lots of interaction with animals since he was a young boy. His parents work part time at zoos all over the country, and they often go to other countries to document the lives of endangered animals. Robert uses Instagram to share lots of pictures of animals and people.

Robert has donated to a wildlife organization that helps people think about preserving their environment by fundraising for ‘wild life worries’. The Minister has met with world leaders to discuss the importance of wildlife conservation.

Here we share some picture we grabbed from his Instagram account

Irwin family not only owns and works at Australia’s Zoo but also travels the planet to spread a message of conservation.
Robert takes photos whenever he can to show how beautiful and amazing animals are by traveling to different countries, but also to give a message about preserving endangered species.

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